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NTPC has entered into a USD 380 million loan under the Japan Bank International Co-operation (JBIC) guarantee for partial financing of the 1980 MW (3 x 660 MW) Barh Super Thermal Power Project (Level I) in Bihar State. The loan agreement was signed in Tokyo on December 20, 2007. The facility will have a variable interest rate linked to LIBOR and a door-to-door term of 18 years. This is the first facility extended by JBIC without a sovereign guarantee. In accordance with the agreement, RSDCL will develop infrastructure in the solar park and NTPC solar projects. On this occasion, Kalla stated that… Greetings Renu Narang,Additional General Manager Investor Services Department Phone: 011 2436 7072 Fax No.: 011 2436 1724 E-Mail ID: renunarang@ntpc.co.in Rajasthan Solar Park Development Company Ltd (RSDCL), a subsidiary of Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation, and NTPC signed an agreement on Thursday for the development of a 925 MW solar farm in Nokh, Rajasthan Jaisalmer district. RSDCL President Anil Gupta and National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Executive Director Mohit Bhargava signed the agreement here in the presence of Rajasthan Energy Minister B D Kalla. ”NTPC has entered into a 50 billion JPY (approximately $480 million, or $3,500 billion) credit contract with JBIC, the Japanese government`s political financial institution,” he said in a company statement. In addition, on June 28, 2013, a loan agreement of 2,000 aff.

Crore was signed with the Bank of India to finance investments in production projects and coal operations. The loan facility has a door-to-door term of 15 years, including a 5-year period. Focus on News Item ”NTPC- Simhadri construction of the floating solar power plant”This appeared with regard to the company`s clarification on the current news in the newspaper business line – sources of 30-March-2019, with the title ”NTPC- Simhadri installation of the floating solar power plant”. Our one-off responses to the requested clarification are:a) If such an event took place in published messages? If so, it is recommended that this information be provided in chronological order, along with the sequence of events. Answer: The company plans to build a 25 MW floating solar power plant in Simhadri and this project is in the tender phase.b) The essential impact of this article on the company. Answer: There is no significant impact of this article on the company.