Open Value Subscription Agreement For Education Solutions

The terms of SA`s renewal under the same programming agreement that originally commissioned it include the customer`s volume licensing agreements. Customers can renew their SA without having to order a license at the same time as long as its coverage has not expired. In addition, the following conditions apply to certain programs as follows: The customer may renew SA under another volume licensing program by acquiring SA under an existing open value agreement, MPSA, Select, Select Plus or Enterprise Registration. For customers who re-acquired SA as part of a business registration, this exemption applies only to additional products and products that do not go beyond a company-wide obligation. For all programs with the exception of MPSA or Select Plus, the order must be valid for the remainder of the existing agreement or registration (i.e. SA x the number of years remaining at the time of notification, including a partial year). In MPSA or Select Plus, the order will be for 36 months. For the 2008 and earlier contract versions, as long as coverage is extended within 30 days (90 days if the Extension of the Open License program is extended), customers apply for any period between the expiry of their SA coverage and the start of new coverage as SA coverage. All professional services provide support for Microsoft products, which are generally available on the market (unless they are explicitly excluded on the Microsoft Premier website or the Microsoft Support Lifecycle website).

Professional services are generally billed hourly, remotely and in English (unless another language is available). Professional services are offered in the country where the VL agreement is signed. On-site visits are not paid for in advance and are subject to the availability of resources. All professional services that are not used each year expire. At the customer`s request, Microsoft can access the customer`s system remotely to analyze problems. All computer codes or materials that are not products or fixes left by Microsoft to the customer after completing Microsoft`s performance for professional services are considered deliverable services. In the event of a full payment for Professional Services, Microsoft grants the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, unlimited license for the multiplication, use and modification of services exclusively for the customer`s internal business purposes, subject to the customer`s professional terms of service and volume licensing agreement. SA editions cannot be combined through Select or Enterprise records, Select Plus records or open value agreements to qualify for additional bonuses. Expenses within each registration or agreement are used to determine the premium for that registration or agreement.

The number of authorized telephone media incidents varies by customer depending on SA`s expenses and payment option. Sa-spend incidents are collected on the basis of server and desktop editions SA under a Select or Enterprise qualifying record, Select Plus registration, Open Value Agreement or open license number. Microsoft assigns an incident of at least $20,000 for each edition of Server SA or CAL SA.