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This agreement is one of three different conversion instruments on our presentation page that must be used either to register a seed investment from a third-party investor or bridge financing by existing shareholders: this agreement assumes that the amount of the investment is deducted lump sum and not guaranteed in a single day. The amount of the investment is not a loan, has no repayment date or interest. The amount of investment remains up to: Taxation of such agreements has not been fully debated or tested in New Zealand, and we are currently seeking advice from leading tax advisors. In the meantime, we recommend that the investor obtain special tax advice before this agreement is concluded (by specifying that any tax obligation is attributable to the investor and not to the company). WorkSafe New Zealand has signed a three-year contract with Standards New Zealand to provide local, trans-Tasman assistance services and international gas and electricity safety standards. NZ SCREEN SECTOR HEALTH – SAFETY GUIDELINES Created, supported and promoted ScreenSafe Health and Safety in the New Zealand screen industry in 2015. SPADA is part of the ScreenSafe Working Group, which is an industry-wide cooperation, with financial support and financial support from NZFC, NZ On Air and SPADA, in collaboration with other guilds, industry associations and regional film offices. Health and safety guides are for all individuals and organizations who contribute to or are connected to the production of sieves in New Zealand. These include organizations that provide studios, sites, materials, facilities and equipment, production companies, agencies, funders, individual contractors and associations. The scope is limited to work in New Zealand and covers pre-production, production and post-production. This also applies to international productions operating in New Zealand. These guidelines do not address health and safety obligations for work outside New Zealand, but can be used to promote safe and healthy work practices for work in other countries. Click here for guidelines and templates.

These guidelines do not replace the law or any other relevant legislation, and anyone who runs a business or business (PCBU) should be familiar with the provisions of legislation and regulations that are relevant to their business. The information contained in these guidelines has been developed to complement the legal health and safety requirements in New Zealand, first of all the Health Safety at Work Act 2015 and its rules. If sections need to be changed, this will be done through a formal process through NZ`s Screen Industry Guild. Consumer safety standards have been developed to ensure that products manufactured or imported into New Zealand are safe and reliable. The safety offered by the standards includes hundreds of products for work and play. These include dishwashers, garden hoses, fire-eds and bicycle helmets. Our new plain, color-coded safety guides are designed to help you get the most out of your SSSP packages and make sure you meet health and safety requirements. 2.0 Agreement backendThis separate contract is also awarded on the same terms as the individual performance agreement.