Tri-Party Agreement Hanford

We monitor compliance with clean-up operations against two federal environmental rehabilitation laws – the Rcra Act and the Superfund Act. The TPA defines and retains the remediation obligations of both statutes and sets standards on which we measure Hanford`s work to determine whether it has been done properly and in a timely manner. Once the clean-up work is complete, Energy will have to prove to us that the work complies with the terms of the agreement. We`ll then share updates on the cleanup status and tell you when the steps and regulations have been followed. In 1989, three government agencies came together to sign the Hanford Federal Facilities Agreement and Order, best known as the Tri-Party Agreement (TPA). The agencies involved are: our nuclear waste program aims to protect you from the risks of hazardous radioactive and chemical waste. We are working with the EPA to ensure that the work done by Energy and its contractors complies with the laws governing the treatment, storage and disposal of chemical and nuclear waste. You can help with the clean-up effort by participating in public meetings and comment periods. Your contribution allows us to focus on the themes that are most important to you, allowing us to more effectively impose the milestones outlined in the TPA.

Future opportunities for public participation are outlined in the event calendar. No subscriber? Click here to sign up for a free six-week trial and access this article with all our archives. Each of the three agencies can request changes to the TPA, which includes an amendment approval and dispute resolution process. In addition, the TPA establishes a public participation procedure, in which we invite the public to participate in the decision-making process before substantial changes can be made. John Price Compliance Section Manager 509-372-7950 You must be registered as a subscriber to view this page. The tripartite agreement sets out how the State of Washington and the federal government will work together to ensure that the rehabilitation of hazardous and radioactive nuclear waste in Hanford is consistent with federal law.