Vps Employment Agreement

Article 15 contains a declaration of intent that the VPS agreement must be interpreted as a whole in accordance with the principles of mobility, as well as the express obligation that the parties strive to implement the principles of mobility for the duration of the agreement. This directive contains guidelines relating to Article 16.4 of the VPS Agreement, which sets out the circumstances under which a worker can be assumed to have left his or her job. Such a reassignment would be done with the agreement of the employer and the worker, rather than undertaking an unsatisfactory work process, in accordance with Clause 24. Benefits for workers under the new enterprise agreement include annual wage increases, a new mobility premium, higher overtime rates and night work allowances, as well as more parental leave. The adoption of changing priorities is essential to creating a safe and flexible employment environment in the public service. The parties recognized the importance of ensuring that employees could be used reactively to support government priorities. In addition, section 18.3 has been amended to clarify that the trial period is served within the VPS at the beginning of employment and not on a single department or agency. If you have any questions about the VPS contract, please email vpsagreement2020@dpc.vic.gov.au (External Link). Since there are more than 1,800 employers in the entire Victorian public sector, there is not a single document that contains information on each level of employment, each wage sector or every job benefit.

These will vary depending on the organization of the public sector and the enterprise agreement that covers their employees. Article 25.12 (c) of the VPS agreement now contains an amendment to clarify that the employer may apply a combination of disciplinary sanctions in order to obtain a single disciplinary result, in order to avoid a more serious result (e.g. B the termination of the employment relationship). As was widely reported at the time of the vote on the VPS contract, workers will receive a pay increase of just over 8% over the four-year term of the contract, as well as related increases in benefits, with the first increases to be paid from 20 March 2020. However, there are various agreements that apply to large swathes of the Victorian public sector.